State of the Union

Hello? Anybody there?
What is going on here?

You right fully ask. Riegelcrew and its server is currently taking a break due to key members being preoccupied with theses and final examinations. Rest assured: we’ll be back! Probably in late summer. Movie Contest

We are glad to annouce that we start our “ Movie Contest” today!

The winners (first, second and third place) will get special admin access on our server.

All Movies will be published, so even if you dont win the contest, you may win the eyeballs of many viewers :)

To participate in the contest, just send a link to your movie to or post a link to your movie in the comments.
Dont forget: The movie has to be done by yourself. To prove this, just include a link to a screenshot of the scoreboard while rendering the movie (or any other proof).

The winners will be announced on 10/10/2011.

We wish all participants good luck and hope to see some awesome movies.

Mail Contact

In case you want to get in touch with any member of the Riegelcrew that is not logged into Steam (unlikely, I know), you can just send mail to

Example: if you want to contact jacky, send your mail to

See the crew page for a list of our members.

Team Fortress 2 Server Launch

Yesterday evening, our 24-slot Team Fortress 2 finally launched. A huge thank you to NeuerLaptop for making it happen!

Although we are still fiddling with the configuration and haven’t decided on a name yet, everyone is welcome to join team RED or team BLU in their endless struggle for supremacy on

We’re planning to offer a mapcycle with a rich variety and lots of voting opportunities in a mostly vanilla environment (spawn time, random crits etc.). See the server’s page on our website to find out what map is up right now and who is playing.

For victory!